Game of Thrones Betting Odds: Who Will Rule Westeros?

Alas, Game of Thrones is coming to a close after eight seasons of unprecedented amusement that spanned millions of TV watchers the world over.
But we have one more week of Game of Thrones gambling chances to consider and the wager we have all been keeping an eye on for 8+ years is eventually going to be decided:
Who will sit on the Iron Throne when the show’s closing scene cuts?
With one episode left, it’s time to have a last look at the’Who Can Rule Westeros?‘ Gambling market. (Possible spoilers ahead!)
With the Night King and Cersei defeated in addition to the Great War endedthe market for who will rule Westeros at show’s end is down to a few important characters.
6 GoT Characters Worth Considering to Sit on the Iron Throne
Tyrion Lannister (7/1)
Tyrion opened the market around 12/1 but appears he’ll close the marketplace around 7/1 chances to emerge from all the conflicts to sit atop the throne. This is not so outlandish of an idea if you think the fan-theory suggesting Tyrion is the son of the Mad King and a Targaryen. If Tyrion is in fact Daenerys‘ older brother, he is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne and offers great price.
Sansa Stark (4/1)
It appears the Starks could be the only real family left but if Jon Snow doesn’t live to see the ending than Sansa recorded at 4/1 is a great bet to sit on the Iron Throne. She also has a clear connection with Tyrion that has a chance to rule himself and could decide her to rule alongside him.
Gendry (30/1)
Following Episode 3 of Season 8, Gendry, the bastard son of Robert Baratheon, was the favorite to rule Westeros in 2/1 but today with Episode 6 on the horizon, Gendry is a long as 30/1. Gendry is the only man alive with sufficient Baratheon blood in him to assert ruler of Westeros should those in the conclusion of the show pick House Baratheon still retains the right to the throne but it doesn’t seem all that probably that’s the way they pick their ruler.
Arya Stark (30/1)
Arya Stark, the“Night King Slayer“, appeared like a longshot to rule in the end but after her performance from the Great War, it is not so unimaginable. However, for the most youthful Stark woman to rule Westeros a few important characters will need to die. All those people dying isn’t out of the question but even assuming everyone facing her moves before the final scene cuts, would Arya even want to sit on the Iron Throne?

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