Valtteri Bottas wins Japanese Grand Prix

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By Andrew Benson
Chief F1 writer at Suzuka
Valtteri Bottas won the Grand Prix with all Lewis Hamilton third supporting the Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari to secure a Formula 1 album of a sixth consecutive world championship dual for Mercedes.
The result ensured the constructors title for Mercedes to go and while Hamilton has not quite won the drivers tournament no one other than Bottas can catch him, which ensures that a Mercedes driver will be world champion.
Their victory breaks the record of five name confirms that this Mercedes team as the greatest in Formula 1 history and doubles group from 2000-4 by Michael Schumacher and Ferrari.
Hamilton is still certain to win the drivers name but Bottas win pushes on a sixth tournament crown a bit further away.
He directs Bottas by 64 points and has to be 78 apparent of this Finn to fasten the championship.
Mercedes team manager Toto Wolff said:Its never been performed before and that is why it feels great. It is F1, it is motor racing. Might it be historic? I really dont know. There are far more important things on the market but to us it seems fantastic.
Mercedes triumph will rub the salt to the wounds of Ferrari, who turned into a front-row lock-out, into a sixth along with another place, with Vettel on pole ahead of Charles Leclerc.
As so often this year, the race of Ferrari unravelled from in this instance – as a consequence of driver mistakes.
Vettel moved in his place box before the red lights had gone out in the start, allowing Bottas to spring to the lead at the first corner him, and forcing him to have to stop and then go again.
Beside him, Leclerc also made a slow beginning, if not as bad as Vettels, and he had Red Bulls Max Verstappen along with him.
In Turn Two, Leclerc slid wide and in to Verstappen, damaging the leading wing of that the Ferrari, also pitching the Red Bull into a spin that led to its retirement.
Leclerc attempted to hang on but was forced to pit on lap three and was just able to recover to place in a race that compelled him to spend the majority of the afternoon.
The attention was at their 3 top runners divergent plans, although at the very front, it was evident that Bottas had a lot of pace for Vettel.
Ferrari blinked first, pitting Vettel on lap 16 and placing him on a two-stop plan.
They left outside Hamilton and advised him he was going for a one-stop, stopping on lap 21 for medium tyres.
Nevertheless, the high tyre degradation to agreen trail washed clean on Saturday from Typhoon Hagibis compelled them to change their thoughts and he conducted out a divergent two-stop, stopping 11 laps later after Vettel and hoping to pursue him down on fresh tyres in the final laps.
Hamilton complained asking how hed lost so long, he was not given the tyres and permitted to try to get a 1 stop, and what he needed to try and win.
He had 10 laps to pass Vettel, when Hamilton did stop on lap 42. He captured him within three laps, but the Ferraris flat-rate rate advantage made it too tough to pass and the Briton had to be satisfied with next because his team-mate won his first race since the Azerbaijan Grand Prix at April to a weekend where he was quicker than Hamilton pretty much throughout.
Vettel said afterwards that he guessed Mercedes would have found a way to beat on him strategy with two motorists against one if he hadnt made the mistake at the start and were too powerful for Ferrari.
However, Leclercs incident with Verstappen and the poor start of Vettel put Mercedes in this position and Ferrari have reason to rue mistakes that cost them.
Vettels beginning was researched but the officials decided it waswithin the acceptable tolerance of their F1 jump start system that previously defines a leap start and he was not penalised.
Stewards are investigating leclercs crash with Verstappen following the race.
Together with Verstappen from the race, his own Alexander Albon, whod rake by fitting the Dutchmans lap time in qualifying on his experience of this Suzuka track in qualifying took fourth place.
Albon lost ground to both McLarens when he was postponed by the Leclerc/Verstappen episode and collided with Lando Norriss automobile while passing the Englishman in the race then caught McLarens Carlos Sainz and drove a race.
Mexico in two weeks period. Could Hamilton clinch a sixth title there? It will not be simple, although it is possible.
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