HomeworkMarket.Me – Result analysis of the Commissioner criticized the government managing the construction of the Italian side Foietta Paolo, who said: „the farce over the fraud.“ „The costs are inflated at the same time greatly neglected ecological and social benefits“ – rating.

Its formation is firmly opposed to the continuation of the construction of the TAV. It supports the co-form the League and its leader, Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini. In an analysis published on the website of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, the experts found that the Turin-Lyon line costs about € 7 billion too much, taking into account the proportion of financial contributions and benefits. In addition, as assessed, they turn this would have a negative impact on the finances of both countries, higher than the total amount of investment and maintenance. Italian media point to the fact that not all the experts appointed by the Government signed the conclusions of the analysis. It worked on the document as several staunch opponents of the TAV Turin-Lyon. Result analysis of the Commissioner criticized the government managing the construction of the Italian side Foietta Paolo, who said: „the farce over the fraud.“ „The costs are inflated at the same time greatly neglected ecological and social benefits“ – rating. Also protested the chairman of the Piedmont Regional Authority, Sergio Chiamparino. „Now it is clear who wants zapędzić Piedmont into a corner,“ – he stressed. Minister of weapons Toninelli report, saying that it contains the numbers are „extremely negative, even ruthless“ for this investment. Also stipulated that these conclusions are „not against the EU or France.“ Five Star Movement politicians say that as long as they govern, the railway does not rise. In recent years in its construction in the Alps there have been many violent demonstrations of its opponents. European Parliament President Antonio Tajani with the opposition Forza Italia party said that the construction of the railway line is a priority, and in his opinion should not „throw money because of the opinion of five experts capricious.“ From Rome Sylwia Wysocka (PAP) Fly noted that on the part of the President’s Office is „full readiness“ to another meeting was held as soon as możliwe.Jak informed the deputy head of the Presidential Chancellery, while nearly four-hour talks with the chairman of the justice and human rights „has managed to make the new arrangements „on specific issues related to the presidential draft laws to reform the judiciary.“ It is a positive message that has (…) is growing range of agreements already made between the Chancellery of the President and a representative of the Law and Justice „- PAP said.“ I think we are on track to finalize this work and, if PiS determination in this respect, that’s for sure, we are closer to agreement, „- said the presidential minister.zobacz also Piotrowicz after meeting with Mucha: the area has increased the matters agreed on KRS laws and the Supreme Court »When asked about the scope begin ionych arrangements, Mucha said that during Friday’s meeting failed to discuss „a number of new areas or specific issues.“ „I can say in terms of negotiating close“ – dodał.Prezydencki minister stressed, however, that it remained „at least a couple of specific issues on which there is a need to submit uszczegółowionego position from the Law and Justice.“ „We agreed that the PiS has some work to do, perform analysis or to submit some proposals“ – reported polityk.Zapewnił moreover, that the Office of the President „is ready for further talks as soon as this is done.“ „Our determination work was such that Mr. Chairman Petrovich when he is ready to talk, you will come to us speak of such information, and we then we are in constant readiness to these conversations take. I think that it will certainly be next week, but from our side we are fully ready for this to take place as soon as possible „- added Mucha.Podkreślił that the meetings between the President’s Office and the Law and Justice are preparing the ground for an agreement between the president and the PiS chairman Jaroslaw Kaczynski, which represents the majority parliamentary. „It has to improve the legislative process, of course, but does not close the possibility to submit comments, proposals or amendments by all the parliamentary forces,“ – noted presidential minister.Przed meeting Mucha estimated in an interview with PAP that at his talks with the chairman of the committee of justice, agreement „matter of days“ .See also: Justice Minister: Decision KRS ws. assessors dictated by cynicism and political motives »Andrzej Duda President of the end of September unveiled its draft legislation on the Supreme Court and the National Court. They were then transferred to the Sejm, and October 3 were referred for consultation. Justice handed the president his amendments to the laws on the Supreme Court and the National Court. Four times on changes in the administration of justice met PiS leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski and president of Duda. The last conversation, which took place on October 20, concerned the amendments proposed by the PiS. The president, who has objections to some of them, gave the leader of Law and Justice in writing their uwagi.Prezydencki bill on the Supreme Court m.in .: introduces the possibility of bringing a complaint to the Supreme Court for a final judgment of any court, the Supreme Court judges to rule passed in the state retired at age 65 with the possibility of extension to the president of the rule and the establishment of the Disciplinary Chamber of the participation of jurors. An extraordinary petition to the Supreme Court it brings up within 5 years of the validation skarżonego decision; for 3 years, it could also be paid in cases that became final after 17 October 1997. Complaints extraordinary www.homeworkmarket.me/ would generally be examined by two Supreme Court judges and one lay judge SN. The draft amendment to the Act on the National Court requires, inter alia, that the members KRS-present judges perform their functions to the commencement of the joint term of office of all members of the Council-judges, elected the new rules by the Sejm (not yet judges chose their environment – PAP). The Sejm would select the new members of the National Court judges-a 3/5 majority vote at a joint four-year term; in the case of each Member could clinch vote in a roll-call vote only for one candidate among those entered. Candidates for the members KRS-judges could only be reported to the Sejm: a group of at least 2 thousand. citizens and a group of at least 25 active judges. What Patrick on Wednesday at a press conference in Prague Hospital presented the first part of the health program, whose implementation would take after winning the elections. He said that if he becomes president of the capital, the institution will appoint Doctor Capital City Warsaw, which will have the task to coordinate the entire health policy in the city. Will be responsible, among others, for cooperation with hospitals and health centers, which is not owned by the local government. According to the institution What is needed Warsaw. „It will contribute to this, to improve the availability of health care,“ – he added. The purpose of the Capital City Doctor Warsaw will be a „short circuit“ the health care system in Warsaw – podkreślił.zobacz also: What: With the attack Singer enjoys mafia restitution. Singer: Law and Justice has more corpses in the closet „“ It is very important that there was one person who will be fully responsible, which will be also presented its report to the City Council – because I just imagine – what progress do in terms of systematizing „- What he argued. Another suggestion What is a 24-hour service pediatric in each district of Warsaw. The project is to be implemented based on the current basis to health Warsaw yes – he explained – „that was not the situation, that the Warsaw parents have a big problem to get to the doctor with their children.“ Which pointed out that currently, it so happens especially at weekends or days świąteczne.zobacz also Verification Commission repealed the return of real property at the Krakow suburb 83 and 7 Senators »Right Candidate United also proposed urban program“ Warsaw Healthy Family „, which will connect to project „Healthy Children of Warsaw“. Its main objective will be to fight against obesity, as well as boosters and drugs. „The city must be involved in the struggle for the safety of Warsaw’s children,“ – he stressed. Under the „Healthy Warsaw Family“ among city prepare in each neighborhood area to the market for healthy and natural food. „So, to be clear that there are some places that the city supports, which promotes the city, where you can get healthy food“ – What noted. In his opinion, the president should be the capital of their attitude „to indicate what things are important, what things are valuable.“ What additionally announced the inclusion of the mayor to create events that will promote healthy food and whose task will be to nutritional education. What he announced that it will also wanted to complete the project „Relief for healthy food“, which would be developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Health. „When the president stay in Warsaw, together with the Ministry of Health will elaborate a special draft resolution, which will be discounted when it comes to municipal taxes, for those that wish to do business in Warsaw connected with health food“ – he explained. According to him, it will be „a kind of novelty.“ „But we are also convinced that the well enters the trends and have typed in what you need today Warsaw“ – What he said. Another element of the Program of Urban Health is to be a program to counteract depression. What is emphasized that this problem affects people of both adults and youth. In his opinion, in this case „required the involvement of the mayor of Warsaw.“ The last item on Wednesday’s conference presented a municipal prevention programs primarily on cancer and cardiac diseases. „Prevention is much cheaper than later treatment of these diseases“ – said deputy MS. In his opinion, the city „must be very active when it comes to the health of Warsaw.“ However, the opposition candidate, Salvador Nasralla announced Dec. 22 that it ceases to undermine the former Head of State win. He did it after the deposit of Washington congratulations Hernandez. The former president of Honduras and the coordinator of the leftist Alliance against Dictatorship Opposition Manuel Zelaya made the night from Tuesday to Wednesday in the TSE complaint, pointing to the „fraud during the counting of votes and falsification of protocols.“ Despite earlier assurances to withdraw from the efforts Nasralla for president again met with Zelaya to prepare a strategy for mobilization in case of rejection of the complaint by the TSE. Earlier TSE twice rejected the complaints of the opposition. In the elections on 26 November 2017 years they took part holding the office of president of the conservative and Nasralla Hernandez, who is leader of the center-left opposition. Preliminary estimates indicated a significant advantage Nasralli, but after the break in the counting of votes it lost the lead in favor of Hernandez. Break was caused in providing part of the ballot for the conversion of 36 hours after the deadline. 18 December TSE Hernandez announced the winner and said that he won 42.95 percent. votes, while 41.24 percent voted Nasrallę. voters. Nasralla declared the elections as fraudulent and drove to Washington in an attempt to gain the support of the United States. However, on December 22, US President Donald Trump declared victory Hernandez. In addition to the United States also it made a dozen countries, including Argentina, Canada and France. Zelaya says that as a result of the riots caused by the election scandal killed 34 people. The United Nations and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (CIDH) condemned the „excessive use of force to disperse the demonstrators,“ which led to the death of 12 of them, and the brutal treatment of detained protesters. (PAP) On Friday, the parliamentary Committee on Rules, and Deputies‘ Affairs Committee took up Immunitetowych „assessing explanation of the circumstances and course of a 40-day protest, people with disabilities and their families in the Sejm.“ At the committee meeting Ms Joanna Scheuring-Wielgus invited Iwona Hartwich Jacob Hartwich and Aneta Rzepka. Chancellery of the Sejm, however, announced that the chairman of the committee did not agree to participate in the meeting of people who are not Members. In turn, the director of the Information Center of the Sejm Andrzej Grzegrzółka informed that the participants of the protest, Iwona Hartwich, her son Jacob Hartwich, Aneta Rzepka and Marzena Stanewicz are banned entry to the Parliament for 27 May 2020 r.zobacz also without limits and Rehabilitation specialists without a referral: since July 1, the disabled with additional rights »Kaczmarska, presenting information on the preparation and course of protest from the Sejm Chancellery he stressed that“ the Chancellery of the Sejm has made every effort to ensure to persons with disabilities and their carers to ensure that everything was possible in this particular situation “ . „For 40 days of protest Chancellery of the Sejm he fulfilled the role of host flawlessly“ – she pointed out. She noted that the office was not a party in the ongoing dispute between niepełnoprawnymi people and their carers, and the government. „The management of the Chancellery of the Sejm, understanding the difficult situation of this social group and their decision to protest the conduct of the occupation in the building of the Parliament, came to meet their expectations in the framework of the tasks and competences of the Sejm Chancellery“ – she said. She noted that the place of protest, the main hall of the Sejm, has been chosen by the protesters, who „refused to take advantage of more comfortable solutions“ proposed by herself personally. „We were ready to make room in the House of Deputies, and later one of the rooms in the main hall of the commission,“ – she said. As she spoke, protestors were also provided with full board, also on weekends and holidays. „People also surrounded the protesting hour medical care. There were always present emergency medical teams; also enabled the introduction physiotherapists“ – she said. „The initial access problems with physiotherapists, which lasted only one day, were due to the time that we needed to create the appropriate conditions and also made sure that the treatments were carried out by a competent person“ – mówiła.zobacz also Szumowski: We want to provide unlimited rehabilitation of people with severe disability »Asked by MEPs about the costs incurred by the Chancellery of the Sejm, Kaczmarska said that currently amounts to 65 861 zł and include catering services, utilities, cleaning, installation walls in the main hall at the time of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly and painting the rooms of the Sejm after the protest; Law Office is still waiting for an invoice for medical care. For comparison Kaczmarska said that the protest of disabled people, which took place in 2014.

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