Wayne Mardle: Michael van Gerwen the man to beat in World Grand Prix

Wayne Mardle looks into his crystal ball to examine the 2019 World Grand Prix will play out.
Through the years, its always been, aside from a Brendan Dolan that kind of came from nowhere, you are able to say the players that are great do reach the final, or the phases. In Spite of the Gurney-Whitlock closing. While they werent expected to reach the last and you might observe the caliber normally, for it to be won by Daryl Gurney gets through somewhere.
Michael van Gerwen is definitely the best player in the world, even when hes off, which he has been for enormous chunks of this year. His stats are better than anybody else. He has won this four occasions. He knows how to win it. Hes won it in14,16,18, therefore he cant win it, he has to win it in20!
He is brilliant in shirts, and hes very good at coming into the 60. Im still astonished that he has not hit a nine-darter in this occasion. I find him as the sole, I truly do.
However, I think a few of them need to start thinking a bit more. What I mean is how if that overlooks, and tops will be gone for by Michael, he might move 32 or 18s, but thats his path. In which their starting eludes them we see a number of them , and they are looking around the board for a thing they fancy. You have got T19 in normal start… they know what theyre going to do until they step up to the plank. But double beginning just seems alien to them, as its only once a year.
Hes never won a game. Until he was world champ and has been third seed last year, he has only played in it twice.
He clearly doesnt feel comfortable with it. When you have the entire number two uneasy with a structure, because he doesnt have the routine or rhythm, then you have got to believeright, Ive got to create sure that doesnt occur to me.
However, as there are only eight seeds in this, can it be the worst draw? number nine, mensur Suljovic. Thats definitely the most dreadful draw I think Ive seen in a long time.
Its the only event because the Worlds thats set-play, and it happens to be. The players are not used to set-play. Set-play is loved by them, however theyre not used to it. Its all leg-play. That which they do – in the European Tour the Premier League, the World Series events, the Matchplay. Everything aside from the Worlds is leg-play.
So more tension is exerted on, as,Its the deciding leg of this group. That is enormous, this is enormous. Theyve missed. Ive got to get this. Youre just not relaxed since it is set-play, also because it is double-in, double-out. It adds to the drama. It is drama-ridden.
I have been on the receiving end, and this is one of those events and Ive given out it. All of a sudden, your first dart begins to discover that dual and the entire game looks simple, because you get to a double click sided, and your competitor is around 250. You reach a double back, your opponent is really about 193. Youre not doing it all right, but theyre just not getting away. You find yourself.
The opposite side of this is that your competitor cant cope.
You struck they or doubles hit doubles with a regularity of state 40-45 per cent. So you expect them to get away within the darts every moment. It is only a different creature. This makes you panic. People who win this are people who do the perfect thing at the perfect time, like everybody does, but also those which are just not panicking. You cannot panic within this format. Youre able to eliminate it on 501, if it is old college, since its possible to kick with 85, your competition kicks off using 60, you are still a bit better, even if youve chucked a couple of iffy darts. You throw a few darts to eliminate, it saps your confidence big time. Horrible format!
We keep mentioning it – it is getting away, and its finishing. However, its the only real event of the whole year that destroys the rhythm of this participant. So the players who… theyre speedsters or they will suit each other if they might. I feel that goes out the window.
I keep taking a look at that the Lewis-Jermaine Wattimena game. That needs to be a bit pacey, but I could see it becoming a event. Adrian simply does not understand what hes doing. Jermaine simply wants to get on it. But with it, you can not just get on together with double-start. You have got to think about doing it.
Ricky Evans, hes got to do that. Dimitri van den Bergh too. Jermaine Wattimena. Theyve got to have patterns, and understand how they are breaking these shots down. Its vitally important because of this. Its not a regular game.
He will look back on it because he has won it four times. If he won it again and never had won it, then it might be another story. But he has won it four days, and been defeated at a closing after by Robert Thornton well.
Michael understands this format suits him, and he understands that he is one of the very best, though not the best double-hitter on Earth. He is up there in every statistic youll be able to pull out. But he is the most constant. Hes proven that and is now a 3 time world champ now. Hes made to thinkwell theyve got to beat on me.
I was only looking at the stats from this past year. He probably should have beaten by Peter Wright. I recall it it was 2-2 in places. Michael won the fifth place after Peter had a dart and I said that is it now, he will relax and perform Michael van Gerwen. You can not afford not to take your opportunities when Van Gerwen is under level. He averaged for five sets under 80, and he was still 3-2 up. That is the distinction between van Gerwen and also lots of the others – it is how good he is in the perfect time when hes playing. I still think he is the guy. I really dont know exactly what it was, I just think he is putting himself under stress . He knows how to unwind and he has to relax.
As you know Im not a fence-sitter. But regardless of what outcome, I could see it since its the very best of three, since its a double-start, you wind up looking at titles, [wondering] could he attain the final?
I examine a half and believe, can he reach the semi-final? Looking at a few of the matches from last year, when you have a take a look at averages its ridiculous. They mean nothing.
Look at Rob Cross draw. Its horrible. Hes got Mensur from the first round. When he wins, he has Durrant or Ratajski, if he wins hes likely got Peter Wright. It is awful. Its totally awful. I have not ruled out Rob, but that is an absolute stinker as pulls go.
I presume……. Im going to state MVG will perform Ian White or Michael Smith in the semi-final. Ive said it year after year about Michael Smith. But its come to the stage at which Ian White is presently one of the greatest players in the world on a daily basis, but he has to be one of the finest in the entire world on a major stage.
I am a backer of Michael Smith. I think he has the game and I might watch him running riot, if he begins hitting that tops. I could see when he gets to the semi-finals Van Gerwen being beaten by him. I can not view he being beaten by Whitlock.
The winner of Joe Cullen and also Ian White, I think that would be Ian White by the way. But Ian White on the stage? The Matchplay again he was in a winning position and let it go.
How I am taking a look at the protagonists to win it, but Ive got a feeling the winner of Price vs Chizzy, I believe that the winner of the game reaches the final in the half.
Youve got Gurney in the marketplace and he is a winner but Price and Chizzys winner, they must think the winner of Bunting and Clayton are still there for the shooting, which puts them in the quarter-finals. Its not a given that Gurney defeats on Aspinall or Noppert, whos throwing some fantastic things I think that Cost and Chizzy are playing world-class darts, day to day. Theyre playing very well.
Im going for Price or Chizzy to achieve the final. For me its Price or Chisnall to reach the semis, and 2 from any three on top [half], make it White Smith or van Gerwen.
Follow all seven days of activity by the Emerald Isle starting with opening night on Sunday that includes Michael van Gerwen, James Wade and Gary Anderson. The action continues during the week right through until the closing on Saturday, October 12

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