Midterm Elections Betting Odds and Predictions

At this point, if you have a cell phone, get social media whatsoever in your lifetime, or watch television, you’re likely aware that some fairly important elections are coming up. As is always the case with American elections in the twenty-first century, the pundits would have you think that the fate of the planet is in danger, and getting out and voting for the individual wearing the color tie you most closely identify with is the only means to save .

Otherwise, these dastardly snowflakes/Nazis/Antifa/ / alt-righters/SJWs/(insert your preferred political enemy ) are likely to take more energy for themselves and whatever you hold dear will be ruined.

I’m sorry if I look ridiculously cynical. Nonetheless, you need to know I am a registered Independent in Nevada, a swing/battleground state. You can’t fathom the volume of text messages, telephone calls, as well as visits to my own door I’m getting on a daily basis. At a certain point, it is difficult not to hate every single one of those candidates vying for your vote.

Regardless, it will all end. On Tuesday, November 6th, the remaining public that didn’t already participate in early voting will go to the polls and decide the fate of countless politicians, filling 435 seats in the House and the other 33 in the Senate.

After a humiliating 2016, the Democratic party is desperate to sneak back enough seats to give them power over Congress. Counting on an intense backlash into the Trump Presidency, Dems aspire to inspire left-leaning and undecided voters to flooding the ballot boxes and then claw back some electricity in the right at what they’re optimistically calling the“blue tide.“

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