Two Big Betting Factors For Two Big Game 7s

Any baseball fans that complained about the lack of Game 7s can not complain.
Two series will be decided on Wednesday night — the Penguins and Capitals, followed Ducks and by the Oilers in a Game 7. But who cares? What bettors want to know is: Who’s gont win?
Both home teams are favored (Caps opened -175, Ducks opened -120) and that should be no surprise. History says that the house side wins 58.4 percent of the time for a record of 97-69 heading back to 1939.
Because Anaheim buh-lows in Game 7s at home lately, well, the Ducks are hated by history, seemingly. Which brings me Big Factor No. 1. Anaheim has lost four of these in a row. Over the previous four years. Perhaps we’ll blame head coach Randy Carlyle for those losses?
„It is not the same group and that I was not here so don’t pin any of these losses ,“ he told reporters after Game 6.
OK then.
Within Washington, the Capitals are after winning two games large faves. When they won 4-2, the cost for Game 5 favored them in Washington.
Momentum is a big element here but curiously a guy named Justin Williams is actually Big Factor No. 2. You see, Williams is Mr. Game 7 himself.
That is a genuine nickname for him, I am not trying to be cute. That is because Williams has seven goals and seven assists in seven Game 7s. Oh yeah — and he’s won all seven of’em. This will be his first Game 7 in his second season with the Capitals, however.
May not seem like much out there’ll take the Caps for this but I guarantee you a lot of hockey bettors. Though, you might wish to be careful, Should you go that path.
Faves are 14-51 contrary to the spread prior to Tuesday night’s action.
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