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When betting on a single football game you basically have two options, you can gamble with the point spread or you could bet what is called the money line. Point spread is easy enough to comprehend; one team is far better than the other, so as a handicap they need to give points to another group. If SF is playing with CLE, SF is the better team, which means they provide Cle 7 points. This means the 49ers not only need to win the game, but they must win by 8 points for the ones that bet on them to win. If they only win by for, people who gamble on CLE win the wager.
The cash line eliminates the points, but won’t pay as much when the better team wins as it will for the underdog. So SF might be -180, which means that a $90 wager would yield $140 (your bet + $50 profit). CLE will be +150, so should they win a $100 wager would return $250 (your $100 wager plus $150 gain ).
BTW: In case you would like to use the point spread most people would bet $55 instead of $50. In this way when you win, you would make a profit of $50, after the home takes their 10 percent commission.

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