WWE Hell In A Cell: Seth Rollins prepares to enter Hell with The Fiend

When he chooses on Seth Rollins for its Universal title , the Fiend wants to cover a start to WWE lifetime.
The set will clash in the feature game at Hell live at midnight on Sky Sports Box Office, among two contests to take place in the mobile structure in Sacramento.
The Fiend is your supernatural creation in the grisly head of Bray Wyatt plus he has been presented perfectly within the last few months.
In Rollins he is up against a competitor whom for several years Wyatt, in his Firefly Fun House skits, has promised tosee in Hell and a guy who is faced with a nearly impossible task within the Cell.
There seems to be little possibility of the Fiend losing the game as that immediately deprive him from the aura he has made over several months that are cryptic and could kill his momentum rock dead.
Rollins is presenting itself for his fiance Becky Lynch – a defending champion taking to a heel opponent who arrives at the match with a good head of steam along with a new coat of paint.
Lynchs competition – in the Cellular – is Sasha Banks, and a triumph for her is more logical for the Fiend than just one.
Banks returned to WWE month and has shown a streak that has to be capitalised on with a moment, and everything will be pointing towards Lynch moving back to become the face of the brand in its American broadcast slotmachine.
As it sounds, there are – strangely – only four matches scheduled for Hell In A Cell, but that will surely change, possible with two or a open challenge.
Only one of these matches is for a name, also, with Bayley defending the tournament against foe Charlotte Flair of the SmackDown women, meaning the Four Horsewomen make up half of the event in California.
The other confirmed game sees Roman Reigns alliance and Daniel Bryan accept on Erick Rowan and Luke Harper.
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