The Best Stats Sites for Sports Betting: Your Key to Winning Big

Based on the size of this worldwide sports gambling market, it is not surprising that there are a lot of websites offering databases and trend analysis for sports gambling. Some sites provide their raw information at no cost. Other people bill for their databases and supply exclusive commentary and proprietary analytic tools.
By combing through past sporting events and familiarizing yourself with different trends, you can gain invaluable insight into forecasting the future and become exceptionally profitable sports bettor.
What’s the Most Effective Free Sports Stats Database?
A few of the most picky statisticians in the industry work at FiveThirtyEight. Nate Silver (who has appeared on Time Magazine’s‘ Top 100 Most Influential People in the World issue) started FiveThirtyEight to write , analyze, and forecast NBA games with an advanced form of statistical analysis by the name of sabermetrics. Nate Silver’s brainchild has implemented world-class statistical methodology to predict the future of all from federal elections to the winner of the Super Bowl.
Not only does FiveThirtyEight make all their information publically available (thanks to their firm belief in transparency), however they offer a predictive model for both the NBA and the NFL. They use two distinct approaches:“ELO“ and“CARMELO“ ranks.
Nate Silver describes them as follows:
„Elo ratings are a measure of team power based on head-to-head outcome, margin of success and high quality of opponent, while our CARMELO projections estimate a player’s potential performance based on the trajectory of other, similar NBA players“
Nate Silver created the CARM-Elo model with a combination of the ELO ratings and CARMELO projections. As a prediction model, the CARM-Elo system jobs results according to a team’s roster, as well as historic game results. The CARM-Elo model relies on over 50,000 simulations of the rest of the year, and it takes exhaustion, home courts in higher altitudes, even distance traveled to matches into account. Additionally, in regards to predicting the playoffs, the CARM-Elo model also gives a small bonus to teams using important playoff experience.
This is one and a great version that we advocate integrating into your sports bets. Correct more often than not, it’s also free, easy, and efficient. Plus, few have found a way make data more visually attractive and exciting compared to the fine folks at FiveThirtyEight.
What Are the Finest Subscription-Based Sports Stats Databases?
Killer Sports
Killer Sports is free (though you can purchase other people’s tendencies on the stage ), and in our opinion, it’s one of the best available databases to sports bettors. In years past the only people who had access to the exact same extensive data worked at conglomerates such as ESPN or paid thousands of dollars for programs that had to be updated every day.
Now, Killer Sports provides its own patented SDQL (Sports Data Query Language) to anybody who adheres to their services. It is undoubtedly the most comprehensive database available to the general public.
What makes Killer Sports SDQL database so radical? It permits users a exceptional chance to build and save their own tendencies, access team contrast tables, and accessibility statistics that no other database currently offers their subscribers. The possibilities of what you can with Killer Sports information are limitless.
With their weekly reports on new emerging tendencies in their SDQL database, it’s impossible not to see why Killer Sports is a favorite of“sharps“ everywhere.
Sports Insights
Sports Insights is a great instrument for bettors who need access to data and changing chances in real time. What’s more, Sports Insight has a dedicated smartphone application for bettors. Using a subscription, bettors can access live odds from over 50+ sportsbooks, including every gambling site we review. So far as tools for line shopping assistance, it doesn’t get much better.
Sports Insights offers access to information concerning real-time betting trends. They clearly show the number of stakes, as well as the percentage of money set on every game, allowing you to determine why sportsbooks could be shifting their odds. This is a massively valuable tool for any“sharp“.
The usefulness of this Sports Insights tool does not stop there. Additionally, it offers features like Value Meter, Line Predictor, Line Watcher, accidents, weather and matchups data, in addition to proprietary analytic tools such as Locate Reverse Line Movement (RLM), which compares betting percentages to the movement of chances.
Sports Insights also hosts online“hangouts“ where readers and professional analysts can go over all things sports betting. All these hangouts are held each weekend night at 6:30 PM EST, and it’s a great opportunity to interact and converse with sports betting peers.
Which Sports Stats Service Should I Choose?
If you’re just starting out, we recommend sticking with the free services. As soon as you start creating your identity as a sports bettor and become used to the principles of sports gambling a subscription service will allow you to gain a valuable advantage on your sportsbook.

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