Do Men Care If You’ve Slept due to their Buddy

Do Men Care If You’ve Slept due to their Buddy

Agreed, it really is all concerning the context regarding the environment and situation.

Your ex partner had been the BESTFRIEND of ole guy.

I’m very sorry but he is the EX now right?? I will be having a time that is hard your ex lover ended up being cool with knowing you was at an informal /just physical (fwb/jumpoff) type situation together with his bestfriend.

I’ve brothers and nephews who will be quick to dead a chic or write her down as solely A TOSS if she’s got been with one of his true boyz NOT REALLY BESTFRIENDS but simply their homies prior.

Well it’s in contrast to she meet with the guys inner circle. The main one she had been simply having fun with kept it low and casual so just why would he introduce her towards the team if he was’nt serious about her (not in a poor way possibly she ended up being’nt feeling him like taht and cut ties additionally).

It appears as though her ex solamente of their team as soon as he had been feeling her she was introduced by him to their buddies and additionally they discovered. For the reason that style of situation often you merely need to overlook it and allow your guy’s be happy. I’m certain her ex had some“friends that are casual he hung down with before her.

Hey smilez_920, thank you for comprehending the situation. Like we stated Melyssa, he had been cool, everyone ended up being cool! I really was the just one not cool with it at very first ahahah! And yeah the factors why he is my ex are in possession of next to nothing to do with it!

I violated the rule as a young adult. Will not be saying that move.

I would personallyn’t date the friends/relatives of an ex. Associates are FAIR GAME though.

For me personally this „rule“ just pertains to chicks my buddies have experienced severe relationships with. If its merely a chick you had been seeing a bit and ya’ll called it off then its absolve to me personally. I might clear it with you but I do not feel obligated to.

We don’t store nonsense from senior school like some females do. My current post My 2012 gaming 12 months in review

Lol women can be’nt waiting on hold to senior high school boyfriends unlessed they never ever relocated from their hometown, which must just have a populace of 1,000 ppl if their 30 holing on with their 9th grade bf.

Concern: can you be interested if you learned your friend had chex using the women your enthusiastic about just because it absolutely was just casual. Would the way in which their causal situation occurred play a part?

I would be fine if it simply happened without him knowing I happened to be enthusiastic about her. Also if he knew, it is such as for instance a „think about it guy! “ deal but I’ts an excellent opportunity we’d blow it well on both ends to check out just what she actually is about. The length of time ago it simply happened performs a right component too. My present post My 2012 gaming year in review

I am actually happy I had the BF’s I had. All excepting one wouldn’t care. And 2520’s do not really care, either. Physically I do not simply because women can be territorial and have a tendency to think when they’ve had you after they have stake you forever, but i mightn’t care if a person of my buddies dated my ex. We did not work out, so more power to you if you’re able to work out how.

Now, i am aware my philosophy aren’t provided and I also could not force an individual to generally share my thinking, as the choice will be your choice, but i truly need certainly to challenge the individuals who are saying it really is „nasty, eww, not my woman“. Just What in Greece seven years ago if you marry your ‚pure angel‘, she had your child and your little brother comes back from overseas duty only to find out she had a torrid summer affair with him? Is she nevertheless „nasty“? That you don’t want to, fine, you never want to, but that scarlet letter thing is seriously unsettling. Everyone is SOMEBODY’S „sloppy moments“.

Now, we draw the line at ex-wives. The Jackson dual baby-momma thing is messy as all hell.

I do believe you can find circumstances whenever dating friends and family ex simply is not cool. Are not referring to high ex. ’s (dependent on age) university ex. ’s are up for grabs. But being buddy why can you knowingly want to date people they are seriously a part of. An ex spouse, infant dad, severe boyfriend (like they lived together). For me there’s sufficient people in the field had been you don’t need to chase following a friends serious ex. Now individuals I’ve casually dated or hung away with and things didn’t click are free game. Additionally based on just exactly what town your home is in(like if you remained in your house city) your bound to wreak havoc on somebody who messed with a person who messed with some body.

The instance you gave is significantly diffent. No body knew. If that’s the case the conventional is significantly diffent. If you ask me a close buddy that will chase behind everybody I’ve currently dated will likely you will need to get with some body I’m with.

See, i realize where you’re originating from but that is simply the fact. Within the greater part of times no body is „chasing“ anybody, it absolutely was merely a case of proximity and timing. As an example, Shania Twain. She gets kept by her spouse on her married friend that is best (and that’s FOUL as all hell, btw), her bf’s ex-husband assistance one another deal with grief…and sooner or later dropped in love and got hitched. Very often it is basically the proven fact that you’d one thing in accordance and a familiarity since y’all shared exactly the same space so frequently, not always a malicious chase. Now YES, you can find circumstances where your buddy had been outright, but those can plainly be observed as a result of timing (like in it will be a LITTLE too quickly to be coincidence). As an example, Michelle Salahi & the Journey man.

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