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Edit the Windows Hosts File to Block or Redirect Websites

Dienstag, Oktober 29th, 2019

Edit the Windows Hosts File to Block or Redirect Websites

Additionally, protocols which can be utilized by programs and applications

The Windows Hosts file is just a file that Windows utilizes to regulate and map internet protocol address addresses. By modifying the Hosts file, Windows could be custom made to block or redirect websites that are specific also protocols which can be employed by programs and applications.

To get going modifying the Windows Hosts file, you need to discover it. Start Windows Explorer and then click on This Computer or My Computer. Double-click on C:\, then a Windows folder and scroll on the next paragraphs and soon you reach the System32 folder. Inside of this folder, available motorists after which available etc. You’ll now see a few files, certainly one of that will be hosts.

Now, observe that the file type when it comes to hosts file is listed as File. While there is no standard system set to start a file kind such as this, dual clicking the hosts file will simply offer you a Windows prompt, asking you which system you’d like to used to start the file.

Using this prompt, it is possible to decide to modify the hosts file with Notepad. Therefore, click on to select Notepad and then click the okay key. (mehr …)